Divas of Darkness

Divas of Darkness combines classic casino gaming elements with gorgeous images and an underlying theme of badassery that's just fun to explore.

The Divas of Darkness World

Players will find themselves facing a game board that is full of vivid colors when they play Divas of Darkness. On the game board, there are many different symbols arranged in five spinning columns. The symbols include highly stylized goblets in different colors, jeweled heart-shaped skull charms, the flashing VIP wild card and of course, the Divas of Darkness themselves.

The divas are several strong women, each associated with a different colored circle that surrounds their portraits. The divas look like warrior queens, or perhaps cunning sorceresses. The graphics are beautiful and engaging but the real excitement happens when the columns spin.


The player bets in $0.25 increments, starting with a baseline of $1.00. The player can increase the bet up to $125.00 per spin. The big center button allows the player to spin once at a time. However, there's an additional green button that allows the player to choose to spin the columns 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 times without stopping. There's also an infinity option, which will keep those columns turning until the player stops the wheel...or runs out of money.

The gameplay is fast but there are some moments of suspense that add to the overall excitement. There's also a "speed up" function you can select to make the gameplay go even faster.

Making Money

This is a classic game of slots but with a lot of visual appeal and some cool features. Rarely, entire columns will become wild and increase the chances of winning. There are also double-money and triple-money bonuses on the wheel, which can greatly increase winnings.

Sometimes, the player will win free spins, which is a fun extra feature. The free spins will play out automatically, which makes for an action-packed few moments. There are lots of ways to win and earnings can add up pretty quickly. It's possible to make combinations across, diagonally and in several different ways all over the game board.


Divas of Darkness is fun, exciting and visually pretty, so it's easy enough to get distracted playing this game. You'll probably find yourself fist-pumping more than once as you rack up another big win. The bright colors and moving graphics might be a bit busy for some players, especially when coupled with pretty fast gameplay. As with all slots games, it's just as easy to lose money as to win it with this game.