Welcome Bonus

Many of the best online casinos have their own welcome bonus. Some people still wonder why they would such a feature. If you think for a second, you will realize that because they do have welcome bonus, the bosses of the online casino websites actually lose money. How then they make money after they spend much money on the welcome bonus?

The answer is relatively simple and you play online casino games for some time, you will know the answer, too. The main idea of the bosses of online casino website is to make you addicted to the games. If you are addicted, it is sure that you will come back some day to play again. And after your welcome bonus is gone, you will have to deposit money that you owe to the website.

See, the welcome bonus used by the online casinos is not a lost for them. They do not actually give you any money because the welcome bonus is something that you CAN NOT withdraw from your account. It is just a simple way to let you play on the website for free. They want to do that, so you can check what the different types of games are, what are the bets, what are the odds and etc.

Also, the online casino websites want to make sure that you are going to win something with these welcome bonuses. If you win something, than something like that will pop up in your head "Hey, I won with this free money, what is going to happen, if I deposit money on my own". This is exactly the bosses of online casinos want to make you think. If you start thinking like that, it is much more likely that you are going to deposit money in your account soon.

Welcome bonuses and new online casinos

All new online casinos want to make sure that they use this outstanding feature. That's how they are going to attract more and more clients to their website. If they do not do it, they are not going to prosper.