Blackjack Glossary

You will find this page to be very informative, if you are looking for a place where you can find all the different terms that are used in the game of blackjack. This is very good source of information for both experienced players because they will be up to date with the latest terms and for the novice players that are yet to prove their power in the game of blackjack.

A-J Bonus

When you have ace of spades and jack of spades, you will get a special bonus.

Ace adjustment

You will be able to change your bet, if you know exactly how many aces are left.

Ace five count

This is a popular counting strategy, where you just keep track of aces and fives.

Ace side count

You have to count how many aces have passed in the game.

Ace neutral count

This is a group of counting strategies, where you do not keep track of the aces. This is one of the most popular strategies online.

Ace poor

This is a term that is used to describe that there are few aces lefts in the deck.


People who count cards will be banned from the casino. This is the term for describing this

Basic strategy

This strategy does not involve counting and it is recommended as a starting point for you.

Betting efficiency

Calculating the effect of your bets when you use certain system.

Big player

This is the person who is part of the team who counts cards and he is the one who is going to make the big bet, if the chances are in his/hers favor

Black chip

This is a simple chip with $100 worthiness

Burn card

Used to describe the removal of the first card on the top of the deck, the card is then placed on the bottom of the deck.

Inside game terms:


You lose, if you get a higher figure than 21.


This is the place, where the cashier in the casino is placed


A lot of different strategies are used to make the people not think that you are counting cards

Color up

This is exchange between low and high denomination chips


This is the situation when you are offered free drinks, beverages and food to keep playing


The person who has higher odds of winning the game

Face cards

These are all the cards which are worth 10.

Flat betting

This is situation where you do not change your amount of money that you are betting.