Blackjack is the most popular and one of the easiest casino games among all the gamblers. You don't need to possess any unusual skills to master it. The rules are easy, basic strategy is understandable and playing conditions convenient.

The Aim of the Game

The main aim of blackjack is to reach 21 point or close to it. You shouldn't exceed the total amount of cards comprising 21. Despite the amount of players at the table the only your opponent is the dealer.

Blackjack Main Rules

  • At the beginning of the play each player places his/her bet.
  • The dealer distributes two cards to each player. Players first two cards are face up and one of the dealer's cards is face down. Cards are dealt starting with the first player to the dealer's left side.
  • Beginning with the first dealer's left player, each gambler makes a decision (to Hit or to Stand). The players receive any number of cards before their score will exceed 21 (this time it is called "a bust").

Dealer's Playing Rules

  • The dealer has 17-value hand or may be more - he/she Stands. In some cases the dealer is allowed to Hit on soft 17.
  • The dealer has 16-hand - he must Hit.

Blackjack Winners

  • The hand closest to 21, which doesn't exceed this amount wins.
  • If a player busts the dealer wins automatically.
  • If the croupier busts and the player don't, the last one wins (it doesn't depend on hand value).

Card Values in Blackjack

An Ace - 1 or 11points

Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) - 10 points

2s-10s - according to their value.

Blackjack Shuffling

Blackjack game is played with regular 52-card deck of cards. The amount of decks varies from 1 to 8.

  • After cards shuffling one of the players cut the deck for better safety.
  • After cutting the deck the banker moves out from the deck two top cards and places them in special box.
  • The dealer puts the plastic card in the deck and when it comes to it the deck is shuffled again.

Main Betting Options

  • Blackjack - is a combination of cards with total score of 21. This hand wins the game automatically.
  • Surrender - the betting option, offered in cases with less than 50% winning chances. If the dealer wins the player loses half of his/her bet. There are two types of the surrender:

    • Early Surrender - allowed before the croupier checks for blackjack;
    • Late surrender - possible after the banker checks for blackjack.

  • Splitting - option of separation first two paired cards. It is allowed to play them than as two hands with equal bets.
  • Double Down - the option possible after the player's receiving first two cards. It is allowed to double the initial wager and after this you can take only one additional card.
  • Insurance - many online casinos offer this option of making the side bet in order not to lose all your money if the dealer has a blackjack.
  • Even Money is offered if the croupier has an Ace and the player is holding a blackjack.