Slot Machine

Slot machine is a casino playing machine, which include 3 or more reels. These reels spin when the button is pressed. They are commonly known as the one-armed bandits, because earlier there was a lever from the one machine side and it was operated by this arm. Slots include also currency detectors, which validate the money or coins.

The machine payments are based on the symbols combination visible on the machine display. Slot machines bring about 70% of income to online casinos and land based ones.

Slot Machine Short History

1887 - first slots machine was invented by Charles Fey (USA). It consisted of 3 reels containing five symbols on them:

  • Diamonds
  • Hearts
  • Horseshoes
  • Spades
  • A Liberty Bell.

1907 - the Chicago manufacturer Herbert Mills created a machine the Operator Bell. Many of these machines appeared in stores and saloons.

1891 - Sittman and Pitt produced the ancestor of the up-to-date slot machine, with 5 drums, which hold 50 card faces. The machine was grounded on poker.

1963 - the first electromechanical machine was developed by Bally Technologies, Inc.

Slot Machines Main Terminology

  • Bonus - special payout for a particular symbols combination.
  • Candle - a light that signals the operator about some problems.
  • Coin hopper - a place, where coins are held.
  • Drop box - the container with the excess coins.
  • Hand pay - payout made by casino personnel.
  • Optimal play - the payback percentage, which is based on the gambler's usage the slots strategy.
  • Payline - crosses one of the symbols on each reel and evaluate the winning combination.

Slot Machine Strategy

It is hard to talk about the slots strategies, as they are not alike with other games' strategies. Mane Internet sites offer programs, which can help in prevision of positive winning results. But there is one important thing you should know - slot machines are considered to be unbeatable.

Remember! Slot machines have always negative expected return, so it is almost impossible to calculate the possibility of appearing the winning combinations.