Slots Strategy

First rule, when you are going to play slots is that you should not play slots, if you cannot lose some money. Playing slots means that you challenge your luck. Sometimes the luck might be on your side and because of that you can get a lot of money. Sometimes, which is much more often, the luck won't be next to you and you will lose a lot of money. That's why you have to play slots with money that are expendable. That way you will have the edge. You will not be thinking constantly how much money more you can spend.

This is something that you need to predetermine and you have to stick to this. You must not cross the limit that you have set otherwise you will lose even more money. No matter how badly you have lost, you must not use more money to try to come back on positive balance. Just forget it and move on. This is probably the most important strategy and technique, which should be known by everybody who deals with slots.

What it is

First, you need to know what bankroll is. It is the amount of money, which you are going to spend, without the worry that you are losing, when you play slots.

You have to learn that you should use your money carefully and you should use the so called "stretching technique". In this situation you must not use a lot of money for your bets but you should use small amount of money to place your bets. That way you will be able to play longer and you will have enough time to see whether the luck is on your side today or not.

Also, if you are going to visit the casino several times during the week, you must distribute the money that you are going to spend equally. Avoiding high-risk stakes will let you play longer and you will be able to win a lot of money.

Calculator for Slots Bankroll

Special calculators were developed to help the people establish the amount of money that you are going to spend. There is a place where you can insert the amount of money and the time when you plan to play. This is really helpful feature for every experienced slot player.