Recurrent Bonus

There are many things that you should know and you should consider before you actually choose an online casino to spend your money. Things like: software, types of games, the different banking methods, which are available are really important. There is one more thing, which changes the way the game looks. It is called bonuses that the casino is willing to offer you, if you choose to play on its website.


Bonuses, which are present in almost every single online casino website is a great way to attract more new players towards the casino. Also, it is a great way to keep the current customers of the casino not to live it and replace with some other casino. The bonuses are very different and they are unique for every online casino you visit. They are different in amount, kinds and etc.

These special promotions are one of the few things that are going to make the player feel really special that he/she has chosen to join this particular online casino website. Also, in most cases, the bonuses are shown on the first page of the website so everyone will be able to see them. You must review that and see the best bonus type, which makes you feel most comfortable.

Most of the bonuses are distributed regularly- monthly, weekly and even daily. This is great way to keep your current player playing on your website.

You must make the difference between these kinds of bonuses and the so called "welcome bonuses" which are given, when the player joins the websites. They are given only the first time, when a player deposits money in his/hers account. Why people choose to have welcome bonus? The main reason why bosses of these websites use the welcome bonuses is to make sure that the players will deposit money in their accounts.

Loyalty programs

Many casinos offer the possibility to be part of the Loyalty program of the casino. That way you can get even greater bonuses. However, to be part of these loyalty programs, you have to spend money playing. You can convert the points that you will get in rewards or in money.